Your Privacy

At SHARE UK your privacy is paramount. Your details will never be passed on or shared with anyone else. Your details will never be used for marketing purposes and we will not contact you without your consent.

Any data you contribute will be fully anonymised so that even our researchers cannot identify you. This data is stored on a secure encrypted server which is only accessible to members of our research team.

Our data collection systems are based on proven technologies and robust anonymisation and encryption processes ensuring maximum security. All operating procedures for data acquisition, management and utilisation are consistent and auditable further ensuring robustness and security.

If you have any concerns or questions about your privacy or data contact us

Contact for future research

You have the option to allow us to contact you to take part in future research studies. You don’t have to check yes to this, and we won’t contact you without your consent. We will never write to you at your home address or contact you by telephone unless you have given us express consent to do so.

To make sure you remain anonymous your name and contact details are stored separately from any other information you give.

If you do want to be contacted for further research we will only contact you regarding research being undertaken by our team that we feel you may be interested in. We will never pass your details on to anyone else. You can choose to not to be contacted again at any time here or by contacting us. In this case your personal details will be deleted from our database.

Linkage with routinely collected data

You have the option to consent to the data you contribute online to be linked with routinely collected healthcare data. You don’t have to check yes to this if you don’t want to, and we are not able to link your data without your consent.

In order to make the link with routinely collected data we need a few extra details from you (address and date of birth). These are used only for the purpose of making the link with your anonymised data. Any personal details will only be used for this purpose. We will never contact you at your home address. These details are separated from your healthcare data and any data you give us online. This means that even our researchers are not able to identify you.

For more information on data security of linked healthcare data visit

Do You have questions?

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Participant Debrief

Thank you for taking part in this research – all the information you give us is so important to informing future research

While we are not able to provide information on individual responses we will make findings of this research available on the web-portal so you can see how your contribution is really making a difference.

If you have been affected by taking part in this research in anyway or just need someone to talk to please get in contact with the Samaritans on 116 123 – They’re available 24 hours a day 365 days a year – if there is something troubling you then please get in touch.

If you want to talk to someone immediately then please telephone using the number above. However support is also available via email at Further information can be found on their website

Just having someone to talk to that isn’t family or friends can be a tremendous help. You don’t have to be suicidal to get in touch.

If you have any further questions about this research then get in touch with the research team via the contact us page. We are only able to respond to questions relating to the research itself.

Thank you again for taking part! Your story is so valuable to making a real difference

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